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The Bay of Laganas, located in the island's southernmost region, is known for its natural beauty, which includes blue waters, sandy beaches, and wooded hills. Marathonissi and Peluzo are two islets in the bay that are clothed in typical Mediterranean vegetation. The bay's marine region and beaches are the breeding grounds for one of the Mediterranean's largest populations of loggerhead sea turtles, Caretta caretta. Marathonissi, East Laganas, Kalamaki, Sekania, Dafni, and Gerakas are six of the bay's 5.5-kilometer-long beaches, which host an average of 1,200 nests per year.

Marathonisi Island, also known as "Turtle Island," is a small islet in Laganas Bay that is part of the Zakynthos Marine Park and is noted for its distinctive shape and importance as a sea turtle breeding ground. It is one of the Ionian Sea's lesser-known attractions. The islet is located right off Keri Beach in Laganas Bay, near the bigger island of Zakynthos. On the islet of Marathonisi, there are two main beaches, one with pebbles and the other with excellent white sand. This beach is included in the Zakynthos Marine Park because every year, endangered sea turtles utilize this length of sand to dig 1,300 separate nests in which to lay their eggs.

Cameo Island The small isle in the Bay of Laganas is picturesque. It is remarkable for the pines which grow there in the small port of Agios Sostis. Cameo Island is privately owned and is located at the left part of the Gulf of Laganas. Until 1633, Cameo was attached to the central nucleus of Zakynthos but following violent earthquakes, it became completely detached. Nowadays, during the summer period, you can reach the by means of a wooden bridge and there are two bars on the island, one with its own private beach. Undoubtedly, the most picturesque place in Laganas Bay.

Marathias is a secluded beach 26 kilometers southwest of Zakynthos Town, on the island's southern shore, close to Keri. This is a fantastic spot to unwind and have fun. It's a secluded spot with no tourist amenities like umbrellas or sundecks. Visitors are captivated by the magnificent rocky terrain on this lovely pebbled beach. The hills are lush with vegetation and large plantations. During the hot summer days, the big pine trees give ample shade. The extremely clear and quiet seas create an unusual ambiance. Because of the remoteness from the town, it is rarely crowded. A premium hotel complex with villas and suites is located just 150 meters from the beach, in a stunning setting with spectacular views of the sea.

Keri Caves are a collection of beautiful caves located on Zakynthos Island's southwestern shore, accessible only via excursion or private boat. Keri is the name of the coastline strip that runs from Kapo Marathia to the Mizithres cliffs on Zakynthos Island, and it is also the name of the various caves that can be discovered there. Some caves have a wide enough entrance to swim through, while others can only be reached by boat. Keri Caverns have nothing on the world-famous Blue Caves; in fact, the water inside many caves turns blue. The presence of an underwater window in certain cases, and the reflection of sunlight on the limestone walls in others, causes this phenomena.


Mizithres (pronounced Mizitires) are two rocky outcroppings in Zakynthos' south-western region. Because the rocks were separated by a strip of sea before the 2018 earthquake, they were once known as the Mizithres islands. Since 2018, the beach has grown in popularity, ranking among Zakynthos' top three most instagrammed locations. This stunning beach evolved from a landslide a couple years back that connected it to a large nearby rock. Perhaps one of my favorite spots on the island as it’s so unique. Note it’s only accessible by boat.